June + July Beauty Favorites

1. Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner in "Black Ebony": After application of my gel eye liner, I use this tightline eye liner to blend it out for a softer look—or on its own for an even softer look. I also use this eye liner to create a dark smokey eye, by simply blending my gel liner further out. I use Sigma Beauty's Angled Brow - E75 and Small Eye Liner - E10 makeup brushes for all eye liner application. This is a powder liner, and the consistency is perfect for filling in eyebrows. My hair is naturally black, and I like for my eyebrows to be the exact same color as my hair, so I lightly darken them with this. Works magically.

2. Sigma Beauty "Flare" Eye Shadow Palette: This eye shadow palette is one of my favorites for when I want to create a fun eye makeup look! When I am not wearing a neutral eye look, I love wearing cool-toned colors. With these bright, yet sophisticated hues, I am able to create so many fun, wearable looks! I love every color in this palette, and the pigmentation is gorgeous. The colors are just perfect to wear during the springtime and summertime.

3. Julep Nail Polish in "Lily": Lily is such a gorgeous shade of purple. For application, I apply a base coat, and follow with two coats of Lily. The results are beautifully long-lasting.

4. Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape: I cannot imagine what I would do to dry all of my makeup brushes without this product. The Dry'n Shape is designed to dry and shape makeup brushes to their original form within 4-6 hours. I love how quick and easy this is to use. When I deep clean my brushes, I usually have 5-15 to clean at once; this product makes things much easier. After washing my brushes, I simply slide them into the Dry'n Shape, and let it do the rest. If you are like me and typically have a lot of makeup brushes to clean at once, I highly recommend getting or having something similar to the Dry'n Shape!

5. Blinc Mascara in "Black": This mascara is by far the best mascara I have ever had! It uniquely uses a copolymer-based formula to create tiny tubes around each individual eye lash, adding volume and height. This does wonders for my lashes. My favorite things about this mascara is how simple it is to remove; by simply using water, each individual tube slides off in one piece, leaving absolutely no smears or smudges behind!

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  2. I love the colours in the eye shadow palette-great picks :)

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  4. nice picks:-) I love this eyeshadow palette

  5. I love the palette but I dont think they have it in the UK :( your blogs awesome, am defo following.